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P. G. Smith

Born in Detroit, a milkman’s daughter in 1942, PG Smith grew up in the orange groves of central Florida, married young, had five children, got divorced and went on welfare. Admittedly, this was not exactly a rational life plan. In 1973 she decided to go back to school since staying on welfare meant staying in poverty. She had two things going for her. 1) Will power. PG Smith is not very assertive (especially not back then) but she is exceedingly stubborn; obsessive about finishing what she starts. 2) Back in ’73 there were some good financial aid programs, and welfare did not end automatically in two years. (Flaws like these have since been corrected so that poor people like her will no longer slip through our university system into the middle class; at least not without incurring sufficient debt to insure their continued servitude.)

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in three years, she moved to Tucson, Az. for graduate degrees in philosophy and law, taking her entire brood with her. (By that time they were 14, 13, 11, 10, and 9. No potential problems there.) Completing her degrees (a PhD in philosophy and a JD in law) in five years, she landed her first job teaching philosophy and jurisprudence at the Univ. of Ky. in 1981. After about ten years there, she met a wonderful, wacky, brilliant, and delightful man who became her second husband, and they moved to New Jersey, where she commuted to teach at City Univ. of New York for the remainder of her career.

She has now retired to Indiana on the shores of the Ohio River, not far from her children and grandchildren, to write novels and ponder the strangeness of life. The world has changed enormously since 1942—in some ways. In other ways it hasn’t changed nearly enough. And our cultural divisions, though always there, have intensified into a great national divide that is exploited by predators who use our divisions to manipulate us for their own gain. Watching this happen led to her first novel, the story of Thaddeus Lamb, who struggles to return his nation to a past life he believes he remembers from his youth. It is our story, America’s story. Like life, there is humor in it, but in the long run it’s no joke…….or, maybe it is.

Thaddeus Lamb

Thaddeus Lamb